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Compound Plasticizer for Rubber and Plastic
Shan Chemical Industries is a leading manufacturer of Compound Plasticizer for Rubber and Plastic in Pakistan. It was started by Entrepreneurs who are technically and commercially well qualified and are in this industry for more than 30 years.
The technical staff and plant personnel are having several years of experience in running chemical plants and follow strict adherence to safety and observance of high Quality Standards.
It has state of art manufacturing plants and research laboratory having latest technology.
Our Compound Plasticizer for Rubber and Plastic impart impact resistance, improve low-temperature flexibility of fused films and provide thermal and light stability. Also, plasticizers form strong attachments to the resin particles and aid in the wetting and dispersing of particles
For a high quality consistent supply of Compound Plasticizer for Rubber, the chemical supplier of choice is CP 200.

Cp 200 has the largest number of Compound Plasticizer for Rubber, manufacturing locations worldwide. With four locations ready today to supply your global needs, you can be assured of a consistent, high quality supply, everywhere you operate in the world. For performance plasticizers, the choice is CP 200
CP 200 An easily soluble plasticizer compound in aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons with foaming agent CP 211 to improves the low temperature flexibility with all commonly used rubbers. NBR vulcanizates can be compounded with flexibility at temperatures as low as -55ºC.

CP 300
Used in NBR, ECO, and ACM to improve oil and fuel resistance. Due to its incompatibility with aliphatic hydrocarbons, mineral oils and greases, it will not leach from vulcanized, which minimizes hardening and shrinkage.
During rubber's plasticizing, it can peptize the natural rubber and isoprene rubber, so as to make the rubber compound with more plasticity and fluidity.

Storage: Stored in dry and ventilated place, kept away from heat and damp. The storage
period of the product is one year.

Package: Three as one paper and plastic compound bags.

Net Weight: 25Kg/bag